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Originally Posted by I-7 4.0throttle View Post
Hello, I have installed 2 gtx280's in my I7 box and it will boot but hangs until I removed the second 280. If anyone may have some ideas I would appreciate their help. System is brand new, I built a I7, 6gigs 1600mhz OCR on a EX58-UD3R. System case is loaded with fans, 2 Raptor 150's and 1 wd 1TB drive. Works great, clock at 4.0 ghz on all 4 cores and not one glitch after a 48 hour intense burn-in. As long as only one 280 is installed its fine. Install the second SLI'd and boots past post to drive discovery and hangs???? Thanks so much in advance.
power supply?
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