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Default Re: NVIDIA Developer Talks Openly About Linux Support

Originally Posted by TheBlackCat View Post
As I said, changes to your graphics setup must either be written globally to your xorg.conf, which means they require root access and apply to all users, or are lost on reboot. There is no user-level tool that allows you to keep your configuration across sessions, and editing your xorg.conf is a fairly rigid and inflexible way to do things.

As for disper, it shouldn't have to exist in the first place. Nvidia users should be able to use the same configuration tools users of every other type of graphics hardware use.

And that still doesn't justify Nvidia developers telling us that they were going to give us randr support, that they considered it important, when they didn't.
If the only thing that you are worried about is setting your own resolution on login, have you even *tried* doing so with xrandr? It works.

It seems you are quite blind to the tools I have mentioned that already work well. This is my last attempt to help you (and drill some sense into you), and my last reply to your comments.

EDIT:If the problem is more than just setting a resolution on login, then use disper.
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