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Default Re: VDPAU and studio levels (16-235) possible?

Ok, I was reading through the Mythtv-HOWTO documentation and now I'm wondering if the studio level patch is necessary. See below:

The "adjust" filter
This filter adjusts the digital values for luma and chroma to ensure that they will fall within the ranges specified in the ITU-R601 standard. By default, this corrects a known problem for the luma range used by bt8x8 chips which causes video to look washed out. If parameters are passed, there need to be exactly six. However, passing a single parameter of "-1" will disable the filter.

1: luma minimum input value (int) 2: luma maximum input value (int) 3: luma gamma correction (float) 4: chroma minimum input value (int) 5: chroma maximum input value (int) 6: chroma gamma correction (float)

The default bt8x8 correction values are equivalent to "16:253:1.0:2:253:1.0". Output ranges are fixed at ITU-R601 values (16-235 luma, 16-240 chroma).
Am I understanding this correctly? Does this filter do the same thing as the applied patch?
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