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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
There's hand of reckoning and exorcism now,both have a 30 yard range.Hand of reckoning will pull mobs and it will also damage mobs that's not yet attacking you.Exorcism always crits vs undead and demons and also works in PVP ,hand of reckoning doesn't work vs players.
Well it was about fricken time then. Trying to take on humanoid camps was a royal pain in the arse on a pally back in classic. You couldn't just take a mob; no you had to get close enough to be in agro range of them all. And the natural effect was pull the entire camp and have to bubble/heal through it all. This just wasn't natural to me. Nor am I by that nature, that sacrificial or prone to kamikaze like attacks.

Which is probably in part why Gilthanas and myself made such good partners when it came to taking content down. As a hunter range pulling was his specialty (something pallies couldn't do to save their life), and with even a ret pali able to throw in even an occassional heal, while attacking stuff... We essentially ended up complimenting each other's class; well until he came back and I was playing a hunter. I really didn't care for healing, just not exactly my cup of tea, and back then prot pallies did not exist. It wasn't until well into TBC when people figured out how it could be done, and how useful they could be vs. CCing everything.
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