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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
So how many of you still play?

I'm 2 months "clean" but thinking about getting back into it.

I've always played a warrior... Tauren warrior named Verticulate to be exact... raided as an arms slam spec and dabbled in WOTLK briefly... before getting very bored of it.

Some of my highlights include

Amani War Bear
Clearing BT / Hyjal pre-nerf (3.0)
5/8 T6 - Torch of the Damned x2
1850 - 5v5 in S3 / S4
2200 - 3v3 in S6
3/6 Sunwell pre 3.0

I have nothing really astonishing about WOTLK... I moved to a mediocre guild and we didn't do very well... got bored and 'seriously' pursued arenas... ended up with just 'Rival' title both times... go figure

Anyone else have anything they are proud to show off in WoW?

... I kind of want to start again
Getting gear these days is like nothing, at least until 3.3 and ICC. ToC 10/25 is short 5 bosses, no trash, and largely like filler content. It's no where near challenging like many bosses in Uld such as some of the keepers, yogg, etc were, and can even be fairly easily PuGed. Yes one might get the DK that liked to path of frost just before anub'arak (funny enough, I could almost see Nuadormrac suggesting that though he pretty much stopped playing around the time the third boss unlocked); but all in all, it's like 4th boss, what's really to it. Many a joke about sucking balls, and who's going to be on black balls, or white balls. I kid you not; Bliz who also made the Grizzly Hills outhouse, along with many a dung digging quest such as for Nagrand cherries, made a ball sucking boss

So essentially after having joined a guild to get on with raids, and run them with Nuad (my prior one is still stuck in uld and was doing fewer bosses then before just this last week), I took a horde guy through on another realm, in what isn't even considered a raiding guild. (Having 2 chars on a raiding schedule would have been a bit tight schedule wise, so yeah the alt can just go for fun sometimes). In a month's time, my orc is almost equal in gear to my main (a tad bit lower on stats). Essentially 1 month, and not even close to the time I used to play, it's like almost nothing to get up to a mix of mostly 226-245 lvl gear now. Now TotGC on the other hand could still be a pain in many a PuG, but TotC, lol bliz

It's easy now really. Pretty much, get the reps, do normal ToC farm and get some iLvl 200 gear without a lockout timer. This also helps on rep. Now do the h daily (getting some triumphs along the way), and begin doing h toc 5 man beside. H toc gives iLvl 219 epics, and conquests (now that everything drops emblems of conquest) is giving some iLvl 226 gear, finished up with 2 bits of tier 8.5, can be done from heroics.

Now at this point, with even half blues (largely repping), if one's epics are like at least half iLvl 219 or greater, people aren't going to typically say no to a nax 10 man. Nax this expansion is rather easy anyhow, and nax10 is kinda where kara was a year ago when everyone farmed it for badges

At this point, do a nax10 or 2 (many don't even consider it a serious raid anymore), and if you luck, you get a lil iLvl 200 to replace some of the blues (more important being the weapons, as there's no weapons from emblems); though drops and rolls of course all come down to luck. By this point (and also a lil VoA), hitting a ToC 10 really wasn't challenging at all, though I'd also been through there on my main so... Gearing is easy now; compared to what it used to be.
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