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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

goku pretty much has summed it up. Blizzard has decided to make everything drop the 2nd highest badge, with the newest dungion and the heroic daily droping the newest tier badge, so you can get t7/8 gear through badges easily. Also the new 5 man drops epics in both reg and heroic mode (lots to be had here), and toc10/25 are not the hardest of events for people with half a brain. I can still see pugs failing, but they get done. VOA and Onyxia round out the mix. No one ever does malygos any more, and sarth only gets done for the 3 drake achievements. Nax is occasionaly pugged as well but most guilds jump to toc10 and ulduar10 now.

The new vision on badges and 5 mans droping higher then 200 ilevel epic gear is to make it easier for new comers and alts to hit 80.. and get the gear needed to join their friends in the progression raids.
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