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Default Re: NVIDIA Developer Talks Openly About Linux Support

I try to make a HTPC with mythbuntu its working on a computer monitor but not on a CRT TV because of the poor Nvidea driver. I connect by the Svideo output. The screen is overscan my TV i lost aproximatly 10 to 20 % of the screen all around so i cant use linux on a normal Sony 32 inch tv . The same card work very well on Windows. I seen a lot of peaple with the same problem on this site but Nvidea doesn't work on this problem. I quit linux very disapointed about the Nvidea support. this is my last Nvidea card next time i will by an ATI card.

I send a bug report to Nvidea support they dont reply.........

Next time you dont be a part of my computer.

see the forum

Conclusion : If you wnat to build an HTPC dont try to used the S-video output of the nvidea card its symply a lost of time.
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