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15hz of freakin difference doesn't justify a 10 month long crusade against the leading graphics card maker who has decided to support linux.

Get a clue dude, NOBODY ELSE (besides a paltry ATI showing) is supporting linux right now.

What if Nvidia decided to only support eh hollywood studios for whom this driver was written, they could very easily take the driver which is closed source all the way through off the site and only administer it through thier supply partners with the clients who requested it.

That would justify an "F" for linux support.

If you've ever taken a economics course or even read up on supply and demand then you'de know if there were 20 million linux users out there, Nvidia would write NVdvd for linux and make it run @ 120hz smooth as silk.

Count your freakin blessings!

The very fact that you CAN run a graphics card under linux when Microsoft is dominating the computing world should make you happy.

Go run naked in a field with disney nymphs with harps, rejoice to balet dancing hippos with paper thin tu tu's.

Get real!

You should have spent 10 months marketing Linux to people who haven't a clue what it is. Then maybe the demographics would shift a little.

Bean counters look at numbers, then they tell execs to send reinforcements to critical market segments (read engineers on projects to bump up perfrmance or support.)

I mean, hell I used to preach M$ I used to be an MCSE certified network engineer during the 90's boom, sh*t happens markets change...

When XP came out I decided I didn't want "Bill Stalin" breathing down my neck...

So linux it was, then I realized NOBODY supports it in commercial land...

I'm happy that hollywood adopted linux!
Not happy about all the other sh*t they do... using the benefits of open source technology while suing ordinary people who trade files... Thats right you big beautiful b*stards use the tech and sue the rest.

So in short bring the hz down a notch, watch smooth video playback and quit yer bitchin.

I'm sorry if that wasn't quite entertaining enough for you.

I'm running Mandrake 8.2 RC2 I paid my financial dues to mandrake for this year even though all thier driver HCL pages say no Nvidia support exists for mandrake linux.

Do I go say "Hey I paid you to make mandrake better! Fix my problem!" ?

No, its not thier problem to fix, its Nvidia's or I'm doing something wrong.

So I take it to the README files and the Man pages.

I made a thread, I posted relevant data, I got no Nvidia response do I go on a tantrum?

No I'll troubleshoot some more publish my findings and try again if it still doesn't work.

The more prefessionally you behave the greater the possibility that you'll succeed and that people will use your data.

In your case you video card didn't blow up, the system didn't freeze, its a minor bug deal with it!

I'de hate to see what you'd do if some bad luck came your way...

I can't get X to start with the Nvidia driver!

Not even the newest one...

I weight my lack of ANY driver functionality to your "Waaaahhhhhh! My screen is jaggy over 60hz, but only when I play video in fullscreen mode, with the DVI port! FIX me!"

Um I'm sorry but that means zip to me, my display does NOT work, that means NO video NO 3D, NO fast redraws.

You have all these things and you're complaining? WTF?

a.) You have Nvidia driver support working on your box

b.) You have 3D support because if this makes your panties curl up then god help us all if your 3D support ever went away.

c.) You're making a huge to do about a trivial matter, maybe its worth your time to bitch about 15hz but (in which case I question how you choose to use your time, but hey thats yours to use not mine and good luck with it), I have higher priorities in my life than to bitch about 15hz, it doesn't affect my job requirements so I could care less.

Xine works great even without the Nvidia driver, Its DVD! even the weakest processor on the market will play it back smooth as silk unaccelerated!

You must be the kind of person who holds up a line of traffic to get a perfectly clear stretch of road before they turn onto another lane.

You must be the kind of person who registers thier parking space with the homeowners association and dutifully guards it day in day out lest another human being might park there one day out of the year, "hey you get yer ass outta my parking space! I'll have your ass towed!"

Maybe this anality is attributed to other needs which have gone unfulfilled in your life? Got a GF? if not go to a bar sometime there's plenty of women to chat up, if you do then take her out have some fun. You definetly need it!

If I was working @ Nvidia you can be guaranteed I would have about 10*e15 more important things to do including getting the driver to start X with the newest kernel on most distros then to answer this post.

I can't belive I'm hearing this.

Have a nice life in 15hz land!

Perfection Nazi!

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