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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Hi Stephen,
Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
queen6, can you please:
a) Generate an nvidia-bug-report.
b) Run nvidia-settings and take a copy of all the information there (an attached screenshot would be fine)
c) Keep nvidia-settings open and run qvdpautest, and observe which PowerMizer levels are active at various points during the test.

Thanks for your response. This problem is already described here.

a) my distro maintainer already sent you an email with nvidia-bug-report (we've got same hardware) yesterday.
b) doesn't nvidia-bug-report dump all that information? I'm not in front of my laptop now, so I'll add that info later.
c) Powermizer stucks on lowest performance level all the time. If I change it to "use max values" - it changes from level 0 to level 1 (out of 0...3 available). Powermizer doesn't change performance levels when left in "adaptive" mode no matter the load.

Is there any way to completely disable powermizer? Simple on/off switch would be awesome. Is it possible to implement? nvidia-settings report almost everything as read-only :S
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