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Unhappy Need your opinion, bad graphics card?

I just purchased an Asus laptop on eBay last week and it has a nVidia GTX 260m notebook adapter in it. I have a clean load of Windows 7 on the machine and loaded on the latest WHQL drivers from nVidia.

I loaded up the game Risen, and every once in awhile I'm getting black polygons, usually coming from the center outward, almost like thin/thick black lines that come and go quickly (flashing) but they are very annoying. I did not get this behavior with the same OS, same game on my previous laptop with a 9800GTX laptop adapter.

I tried a few driver revisions and also tried running the Jane Nash demo from Futuremark Vantage and the same black polygons appear in that demo, but at very predictable spots (the same spots every time).

At first I figured the graphics adapter was overheating and causing issues so I tried the latest Riva Tuner and tried dialing down the clock and memory speed to the lowest, but I still see the same issues. However I'm not sure the Riva Tuner speeds are sticking because after I set them and go into the nVidia control panel and look at System Information, I don't see the same speeds being reported. Is there anything trick I'm missing?

Anyway, do you think I'm having a heat issue? Is it a bad graphics adapter? Or have others seen this issue on Windows 7 and is it a bad set of drivers we're getting for Win 7?

I'm tempted to load up Vista and give it a go, or XP, but before I do wanted to get some opinions.

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