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Default Re: display preemption with MPlayer Vdpau

Hi Stephen. I have tried a number of clips, all of which play fine with -vo x11, albeit in a really tiny window, according to some sighted friends whom I have asked to test the setup from time to time; although, I think that the lack of full screen expansion, despite having passed -fs is an entirely different problem. Does my xorg.conf look ok from what you can tell? The reason I ask, is because I made some changes to see if I could get rid of MPlayer's "could not find matching colorspace" messages, since it seems this is what is causing the problem; when I compared logged output from playing the clips via -vo x11 and -vo vdpau, the former did not have any of the colorspace messages. When I added some modes in the display SubSection in Xorg.conf i.e., Modes "1920x1080" "1280x1024" "1280x720" "720x480" "640x480" etc, I got messages in my Xorg.0.log to the effect that the driver could not find any valid modes for 1280x720, and that it was removing them. Regardless, the configuration change did not resolve the colorspace problem. I have since reverted back to mode autoselection, as was the default configuration as generated by NVidia-xconfig. Here is the log of X as is currently running:
The two clips I am currently working with, can be found at; specifically, The Simpons trailer, and The Bourne Ultimatum trailer. In case it helps as well, I have a Clevo W860CU laptop, which is where I am trying to get GPU accelerated decoding working. You can find its specs at I wil keep looking into this problem, although I am not sure that I will come up with anything much more useful than the above. Also, if I can provide any more information that I have not already, please let me know. ANother reason why I want to make sure hardware accelerated decoding works, is so I can make sure I don't have any defective hardware; while it is under warranty for at least a year, I would like to be able to find out two weeks or so after getting the machine, vs 6 months later . Thanks.
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