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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

My main's guild is doing TotGC, though is still working on Anub'Arak in it, with the other 4 bosses on TotGC on farm. My alt isn't in a raiding guild (and yet is close to being as geared), on a realm not known for it's raiding prowess/puging there isn't great. And yet it was still that easy.

3.3 is hard to estimate. I can see the potential for ICC to be harder then TotC which was really pretty much filler content and easier then uld. The 5 mans I'd seen fail on PTR (I copied my main over to it), and for that all I can say is it's good to be able to vote scrub tanks out of the 5 man group, and the like. The guy who pulled like 200 trash at once, healer dead, and oh wait, was a perfect example of this. Same with groups where the healer always died on first boss, gah forgot it's name and there's like 3, because he couldn't stand behind a rock when the boss ran off and went to do some mass dam to the group.

This said, the 5 mans I've heard will drop ilvl 226 gear on norm? and wasn't clear if it would be 232 or 245 on h. Can't confirm as the PTR had no drops on bosses we downed there, which were implemented yet. This said, gearing will be even easier.

On the other hand, ICC raids should likely come in as hard again, which means all these peeps that got easy loot, many of them will hit "don't stand in the green sh**", with some "doi, I never saw that before", and some QQ that it's an issue in 5 mans. The only saving grace to that is the new lfg architecture, allows groups to vote people out, if they're proven to be geared yes, but useless/stupid.

Against the backdrop of this easy gearing, with TotC being far from a challenging raid, or in anyway a progression from uld, can be kept in mind that many people these days can easily wipe on ZG at 80; and then there's the people who if they make it to twin emps in AQ40 figure "umm drr, DK's are OP and this is just lvl 60 content, I can multi-tank the emporers, lvl 60 stuff has to be easy", with a "why aren't they losing hp, you're 80, your dps sucks"; and it's like umm dude, have you ever done this boss before? They need to be tanked apart for this very reason. 15 mins in, it's a wipe. For an idea, (and what was a newer 60 in classic who only had 600 hated nozdarmu rep at tbc's release), the char was hostile by the time I got a PuG that could even get to c'thun and I could get the achiev at 80 for classic raider; this is how it can go, minus the DKs who try to multi-tank it. BTW, the following link is not exactly work friendly due to a lil language from vent towards the end. Be aware:

There's talk of reintroducing BWL as an 85 raid. Aside from the horrors of the suppression room if one doesn't have a rogue (please don't remind me), anyone want to wonder how many who got such easy gear, with non-challenging content will take BWL with the mob levels raised to 85-88? If AQ40 ever got re-introduced at a now max lvl, I think many would similarly complain to bliz "this is too hard, nerf it".
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