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Default Re: ffodivxvdpau & packed bitstream problem

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
I've repro'd the issue with the clip Carl sent.

I originally didn't realize that this was just a frame-dropping issue as opposed to a corruption issue. I suspect the issue is simply that the ffmpeg/VDPAU integration code isn't splitting the "packed" B-frames out into a separate frames, so some B-frames are simply not being decoded and displayed.

I'll file a bug here anyway, to investigate what it'd take to fix this in ffmpeg. Let me know if anyone else starts looking into that so we don't duplicate effort. Thanks.
Stephen, my only intention was to inform you (plural) about the problem and perhaps mention a temporal solution for every average user (like myself). After all, i described the "phenomenon" as a "frame skipping effect" which is close to your "frame-dropping issue".

I came back to this just to clarify my intentions which were not -by far- accusations or any kind of insinuations about "corruption" concerning any party involved.

English is not my native language and my humble opinion is that "corruption" opposed to "just" (mentioned above) was not describing my intentions and i hope that the members/guests of this forum who might read my posts above didn't came to this misconcepted conclusion. If they did, my sincere apologies.

I know that packed-bitstream is called as a dirty hack so maybe will be treated as, but what will happen if someone feed it to vdpau not through ffmpeg? (That i believe in the near future will unpack the stream) (Strictly hypothetical question) Is the video decoder a "stand-alone" hardware decoder or is it more like a software code running on gpu (something like cuda, so changes can be made there)?

I hope my questions are not too naive, after all i am new here. Thank you for your time and for your answers, keep up the good job you are doing, best regards, Dimitris.
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