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Default Re: VDPAU and Composite option....

Originally Posted by mbobak View Post
Hello Stephen,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, tearing seems much reduced, perhaps even eliminated.

As to the problem w/ MythTV not covering the Gnome task bars when compositing is enabled, you're saying that this is an issue w/ MythTV and the compositing option, and would occur regardless of whether VDPAU is used?


Had another thought:
After I thought about it for a moment, it makes perfect sense that this issue has nothing to do with VDPAU, since VDPAU is all about decoding and displaying video, and this problem crops up as soon as you run a windowless/borderless application like MythTV.

I just tested with XBMC, and it doesn't have a problem covering the Gnome task bars, so, it seems that this is a MythTV problem, not an NVidia driver problem.

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