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Question "4496" the os-registry.c

I have added full agp 4x support in nvidia drivers "4496" in the os-registry.c file.

Now what i want to know is how do i configurate 8x agp support?
I have an agp8x 256MB DDR geforce FX 5600 graphics card.

And another thing i want to know is where can i add the:
__GL_FSAA_MODE 5 4x Gaussian Multisampling mode???

This are the options i can set:

__GL_FSAA_MODE GeForce FX, Quadro FX
0 FSAA disabled
1 2x Bilinear Multisampling
2 2x Quincunx Multisampling
3 FSAA disabled
4 4x Bilinear Multisampling
5 4x Gaussian Multisampling

And where can i config the:

settings are supported for my card:
__GL_DEFAULT_LOG_ANISO GeForce3/GeForce4 Ti/GeForce FX Description
0 No anisotropic filtering
1 Low anisotropic filtering
2 Medium anisotropic filtering
3 Maximum anisotropic filtering

Please let me know in what file i can config those options. and the agp8x support.

Thanx alot.
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