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Default I think they deserve a B

Thanks for pointing me to the original thread. It contains much more detail as to your problem. Sorry I can't help.

But to be fair I'd say they deserve a B. I'd say an F should be reserved for companies that don't support Linux at all. I mean nVidia does currently have it's hands full what with staying competative (ATI) and with entering the chipset market. I believe that all in all they are a "force" to be reckoned with, and with our continued support, all will come in due time.

Though I'm sure you're incapable of seeing it quite that way right about now. It's always hard seeing the light when it's not the "Other Guy" in the dark.

I hope you figure it out. Crap, when you finish gaining the knowledge you'll be an expert LCD troubleshooter, just think...

No sarchasm intended , just trying to point out the brighter side.

Good Luck!


P.S. Just how much visual difference is there on a TFT LCD when changing from 60Hz to 75Hz refresh anyway?
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