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Default Re: Unable to install linux after insertion of xfx gts 250 512 mb

Originally Posted by StringCheesian View Post
You should mention your success with memtest86+ and open solaris in a new comment on your kernel bug, because it might change Andrew Morton's mind. Notice he said in comment #8 that he suspected broken hardware.
done this
Originally Posted by StringCheesian View Post
EDIT: in your bugzilla comment #9, did you mean to say that dream linux 2.2 live cd actually boots on your hardware as it is now? If so, what do you think made the difference for that one to work where so many other livecds failed? Did the other livecds (try looking them up) all have a newer or older kernel version in common or something?
dream linux had kernal version and its an old kernel currently every flavor has 2.6.30 or above
Originally Posted by StringCheesian View Post
EDIT #2: even if its bizarre, you should still rule out the possibility that you have a hardware problem that Windows, memtest, solaris, and that one livecd are somehow not triggering. You should still try your old hardware configuration or a replaced video card. It would strengthen your argument that it must be a kernel bug or it would identify a hardware problem. Either way, progress.
how can i get a replaced video card for checking? i dont think xfx will provide me one so will try to chk this card on some other pc but that will be tough as most of my friends have laptop will try anyways
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