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Default Re: Unable to install linux after insertion of xfx gts 250 512 mb

Originally Posted by ankurbajaj_9 View Post
dream linux had kernal version and its an old kernel currently every flavor has 2.6.30 or above
The kernel devs will probably need you to try a few kernel versions in between to see which version introduced the bug.

Is dream linux installable? If so, you could keep upgrading it's kernel (you don't have to try every version one-by-one, you can skip ahead) and rebooting until it breaks.

For example, if you told them that 2.6.27 works but 2.6.28 fails then that might narrow it down enough that they could investigate.

They need that info, because the only other way they could help is if they had the exact same hardware. The bug will probably never be found without that info.
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