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Default Weird problem vaguely associated with OC'ing

I've finally got sick enough of this issue i've been having to seek help with it:

Basically whenever I overclock either my CPU, my RAM, or both I get a massive increase in the incidence of it taking ages to shutdown my PC. I go 'start-shutdown', or press the power button then my one startup program (Speedfan) and virus scanner close, CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work (although the start menu does, but I can't open programs because it say it's shutting down) and it takes ~ 5 minutes before going off the desktop to the logging off screen, which then proceeds at the normal speed to power down.

This still happens very occassionally without any OC but it is rare.

I can see no obvious correlation between what i've been doing (gaming, work etc.) or for how long i've been doing it and the problem. Also I tried seeing if it was process related, but I turned all the pointless ones off in MSCONFIG and no change, I also don't have many running at once anyway. It happened both with my SSD and the Raptor I had before.

The only thing I do think is related is that it seemed to start when I got some new RAM - a Dominator DDR2 PC8500 2GB kit as an upgrade from Geil PC6400 2GB for my new Quad CPU.

When I OC'ed I never used it at it's full speed and I set the timings pretty slow (compared to what it's supposed to be capable of) with 2.1v. However the issue always appeared. I have since upgraded to a 4GB Kingston PC8500 kit and the issue is worse - if I set anything manually (even lower than normal) it takes ages to shut down almost every time.

The settings i've been trying are: FSB 400 (x8.5), 800mhz RAM, 1.2375v Vcore, 2.1-2.3v RAM, 5,5,5,15 timings, which are all pretty conservative. I've tried a number of variations plus setting various bits to AUTO rather than manually tweaking them.

So, my ideas are that it's:
1) PC8500 related. But I don't really want to buy some 6400 just to test it.
2) Mobo related - my Commando is pretty old now, and they are supposed to wear out (it does have the newest bios though). Also doesn't officially support PC8500, although i've never run it this high even though it supports my processor's FSB.

I was going to format and upgrade to W7 (from XP) to see if that fixed it but I've got too much work on at the moment.

Any ideas/help appreciated!
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