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Default Help Buying 32" HDTV

This is what I've been looking at:


So from top to bottom: LG70 seems to be a great buy but light blacks. XBR6 has demonstratably awful clouding. A650 seems to be overall the best. B650 seems to have about 16ms higher latency. As far as blacks are concerned, CNET's reporting that 650 produces blue tinged blacks. I'm dubious on the accuracy of that report, since LCD's in general have this issue, but comparing their A650 and B650 reviews it is difficult to ignore the addition of this inauspicious detail.

The reason I'm posting about it is to get hands on reports from people who have seen both. I'm laid up battered so am not able to travel to a Best Buy or anywhere else. Also, the A650 is a discontinued model, so I would need hands on reports for that one (actually so is LG70).

The complexity lies in the fact that the 32" models are 2nd class citizens and carry discounted specifications compared to their larger brothers. I'm wondering how good the black levels are on the A650, as that's my front runner.

Also, a bit of confusion. Do 120hz models confer any benefits over 60hz, with frame interpolation disabled? It would make sense to me that sample and hold effect would be halved due to the higher refresh, but can't recall anything other than vague reports regarding 120hz benefits without strobing backlight or frame interpolation (or black frame insertion).

For LG models, I've also looked at HF55 but that seems to have no method of disabling 120hz frame interpolation while keeping the strobing backlight. So it doesn't really seem to have any advantages for the price take. The 30 and 40 models seem to be great choices for input latency, but according to avsforum people do not measure up to Samsung A650 (or B650) black levels.

And please no posts about 32" XBR6, A650, or B650 including 120hz. They do not.

And this is my first HDTV. I'm really excited
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