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Default Re: 42-inch OLED TV in 2010

Originally Posted by Thunderbolt56 View Post
This isn't a "who's is bigger", but I just got a great deal on a 46" Sony 1080P BRAVIA LCD and replaced my 36" Sony WEGA tube TV in the living room. In 2001, the 36" was $1800. I sold it for $200 and the price on the 46" LCD was $800 (after coupon through Dell). Subtract the $200 I got for the old one and this is the best $600 I've spent in damned near forever. I use a PS3 for Blu-Ray and have a decent Bose surround on it.

Having said all that, These LED's look even better and I won't hesitate for a second to get one...when they get down to the $1000 mark. Afterall, I feel like I'm watching TV in a theater as it is now.
Is that the XBR8? I've heard they have amazing color reproduction (and obviously black levels).

nm, it definetely isn't for 800.
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