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Default Re: Panasonic P42X1 ($599)

Plasma, imo SUCKS because of its splitting colors effect. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for high contrast differential viewing or for gaming.

It is a bichromatic "rainbow" effect. Awful. I had my hands on credit card ring for a Kuro, but couldn't stand that particularity.

And it absolutely exists on every single plasma, 600hz "sub-field" or not. It's there. You want to see it? Here:

It makes me naucious. Just watching this video. It isn't as bad in person, but viewing for 20 minutes starts giving me eye strain. If this somehow doesn't bother you, Kuro's (and I guess Panasonic models now, since they are Pioneers PDP provider) are absolutely beautiful, although whites are not as nice as on LCD's.
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