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Default Re: Ripping VHS's to my HD

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Pirating is pirating. As much as I love some of my VHS movies, I fully intend to purchase them on Blu-Ray. It's only fair to the actors and studios IMO.

If that means I have to wait till I have the spare cash to purchase them, then I wait. Not really that big of a deal.
To me downloading an MP3 of a song when you already have a copy of the CD is no different than ripping the CD yourself. I've done this a lot of times for some old CD's I've had that got scratched up because I loaned them to some asshole.

And I could be wrong here but I think the actors are paid on a commission basis, e.g. they get paid so much just to shoot the movie. Whatever money the studios make after that doesn't go to them. It's not like record labels who pay them royalties based on what sells.
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