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Default tvtime & compiz: cannot allocate enough offscreen memory


I'm using compiz and tvtime, and usually everything works fine. However, when there are many applications running (many windows), then tvtime will quit when trying to switch to fullscreen mode:
Cannot allocate enough off-screen video memory.
This may be fixed by:

1. Closing or restarting large X applications.
2. Lowering the input width of tvtime (--inputwidth parameter).
3. Lowering your colour depth or highest configured resolution.
4. Increasing the amount of video memory in your X config file (for example, if you are using the i810 XFree86 driver.)
It worked again after closing some applications. Is there a way to always ensure there is enough offscreen memory so that tvtime will always be able to switch to fullscreen?

Edit: Geforce 7800GS AGP, nvidia-drivers-190.42 x86
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