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Default Re: Torchlight [diablo clone]

Friend of mine at work came and told me about this game this morning. I finished borderlands (amazingly fun) and am playing through it a 2nd time but it looks like I may give this game a go. I played through Diablo II at least a dozen times and beat it on hell difficulty with a hammerdin and a bowazon. I officially retired that game so anything that harkens back to those days is welcome to me.

I think just from the reviews of the game though that one of the biggest disappointments it seems is lack of LAN/Online play. That was what really made D2 fun. I mean... the formula of fun game + friends = more fun couldn't be any more true with these types of games and I would have rather seen it be delayed for online play to be added than wait around for it (if it happens) from an update.

At any rate, I'll be on steam tonight after work getting this and eagerly awaiting MP.

And though I don't think it'll be a deal breaker or anything but lack of outdoor combat is definitely a downer in my book. I know the heart of these types of games are in the dungeons but games like titan quest, dungeon seige, DII etc just all had fantastic visuals outside (specifically titan quest) that really add a lot to the experience and limiting a game to only down in dungeons and caves seems a little lame.
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