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Default Re: F12 + Kernel 2.6.32RC6 + nv - not a good plan...

Originally Posted by mbreuer View Post
Also of note to anyone trying this out - the Xorg rpm package is build with a bad modules path - you have to specify the correct modulepath either on the command line or in xorg.conf (reported in bugzilla).
Some time ago, the way the nvidia installer used to fix the modulePath need was to overwrite the provided by the distro. (/usr/lib64/xorg/modules/extensions/
For that reason, packager of the driver has choosen to use /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/extensions/nvidia and add this path to the ModulePath in xorg.conf.

It could be nice to have the nvidia-xconfig tool to know about this possibility. But it could be even more interesting (while we are talking to have correct name of the backend driver for the libvdpau wrapper using dri2) to have the driver itself to use such ModulePath so the correct (or eventually{version} ) would be appropriately choosen. (without hardcoding it in xorg.conf).

Then the same would be needed for the linker to choose the appropriate I wonder if that can be implemented the same as sse library path would be enabled when cpu is capable of.

Once that said, you need to send the output of
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