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Default Re: VDPAU API and implementation issues

That 0.5 s threshold alone doesn't explain all the problems I saw. The reason I tested with that obvious-to-see 10 s limit at all was that I already saw problems with shorter intervals. Also queuing ONE frame 10 s ahead seems to cause no such issues.

I just tried changing the code to queue the frames 0.1 s ahead instead of 10 s, and there are still problems: playback is slow (even with enough output surfaces that block_until_surface_idle should not limit the playback speed in this case), the mplayer process uses 100% CPU, and VDPAU_TRACE shows that the process still spends most time blocking (likely in a busyloop based on the CPU use) in vdp_video_surface_put_bits_y_cb_cr.
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