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Default Re: I want to upgrade my Nvidia card

Originally Posted by bastband View Post
Hi Guys,
A newbie here.
Just purchased a PC with a GT 220 1mb card (4 gb ram, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.5ghz running Vista Home) and I want ot upgrade the 220 because I don't think it is fast enough.
Looking to spend around 150.00 and would appreciate any hints as to which card/s I should look at,


What is that an HP or something?

Yikes on the psu powering all that. You have to be getting dangerously close to the max while gaming.

I'd get a gt240/4770 or 5750/5770 if you want a little more performance and a decent power supply. You can get a nice antec 500watt for cheap cheap and that will supply more than enough power for that rig.
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