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Default Re: Torchlight [diablo clone]

So far, I'm digging it. I'm down to lvl 23, the 2nd level of the lava dungeon. The constant descending isn't really bothering me but I do see where the game could have been more visually interesting with more diverse terrain and surroundings.

It seems like it's more or less the same dungeon over and over but with a differen "skin" if you will over the floor/walls/etc. I can't complain though about that really becuase diablo II was the exact same way but that monotony was broken up by being able to go outside and that's one thing I'm missing with this game.

It's good to see a nice variety of enemies and they're staying challenging.

Kinda pissed that the vendors are now selling items that require me to be 3~4 levels higher than I am now. Seems like by the time I reach those levels, I'll have found something way better or they'll be selling lots of better stuff

I'd have also liked to have seen different ACTS like Diablo had where you go to a totally different area but I can see how that wouldn't really jive with the whole journey to the center of the earth plot they've got going here.

anyways, it's entertaining. I never played fate so some of this stuff is totally new to me. To me, it's worth the $20. Hopefully they'll have some decent DLC and maybe an expansion.
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