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Default Re: G210m Blank Laptop Display

Originally Posted by sillycat98 View Post
Egghead3, could you perhaps by chance post a copy of your xorg.conf with your HDMI hooked up please? It doesn't seem to want to detect my HDMI even after I tried modifying my file so I assume I'm doing something wrong. It would be much appreciated if you could, if not then you've already helped me out a lot anyway and I wish to say thanks again for getting my monitor working.

I don't need to change my xorg.conf to get dfp-1 working. I can simply run nvidia-settings to autodetect a monitor attached to the hdmi port. If you just want to use the external output (and not the laptop display), you problable don't need an xorg.conf at all. Just make sure the external display is attached before starting X.

To force the external monitor from your xorg.conf you can do something like:

Section "Device"
   Identifier         "Device0"
   Driver              "nvidia"
   VendorName    "NVIDIA Corporation"
   Option            "ConnectedMonitor"   "DFP-1"
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