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Default Re: Official Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Thread

There's a demo out for this game on Steam now, tried it out during lunch. It's pretty neat! Performance was really good considering I was running on an 8800GT. Giving orders to squad mates was a real pain though, hate having to go through that whole menu that can only be navigated with the keyboard (AFAIK). I wish it were more like GRAW on PC where you could scroll through your team members with mouse wheel and middle mouse click to give orders.

Also got a bit annoyed when I was trying to issue a suppressive fire order to my M249 SAW gunner. The target was under 300 meters away yet he wouldn't fire; I give the order to one of my riflemen and he opens fire right away. It's like the SAW gunner only fires when under a certain range, which sucks considering that a SAW is effective at suppression out to like 1000 meters...

Game definitely seems like it could be fun in coop. With L4D2 out though, for me that niche has been filled for now.
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