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Default Rainbowlike screen of death

Hello folks. Since I replaced my 7300GS with 9400GT (also tested with 9500GT), I am facing a strange problem with nvidia drivers.

When I power my computer up, then boot into the linux (i tried 3 different linux distributions), I get just a corrupted screen (look at the attachements "SOD.JPG" and "SOD2.JPG". The corruption differs from time to time .... sometimes I see corrupted parts of the login dialog. Sometimes just squares. It stays like that until a hardware reset is pressed (switching to a text console doesn't work, but the computer still works and is accessible via SSH) ... the next boot up is OK ... (look at the attachement "OK.JPG").

1.) computer power-up
2.) HW or SW reset (CTRL+ALT+DEL) in GRUB menu or during POST (that shouldn't cause any damages of the filesystem)
3.) boot into linux

That means, the card needs an extra reset after powering the computer up (doesn't matter if it is during POST, in GRUB or during linux boot up). It looks like a BIOS / DRIVER related problem .... I experienced the same problem with 2 different cards based on 9400GT and 9500GT chipset. I tried several driver versions (180.xx - 190.42). I tried to use just 1 monitor. Without success.

The problem is very well reproducible (it ALWAYS happens ... and the workaround ALWAYS helps).

Does anybody know ANY solution for this problem?

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