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Default Re: What's the status of ION / mplayer / XBMC?

Originally Posted by Fackamato View Post
I'm asking this question because I'm putting together a new PC soon, specs below:

Is the best option to go with Windows7 + XBMC, or any up-to-date Linux distribution?
I've built almost the same system (Zotac IONITX-D-E, 2.5 To hard drives total, 4 GB RAM) with the same objective : having an almost noise-less low-power system for video HD display. Aside from RAM and HDD, this is almost exactly the same as any other ION nettop currently sold everywhere so, yes I guess it's a good bet. It will be slow on CPU though. I receive the parts today and will build it over the week-end.

EDIT : my (older) 8600GT handles h264 perfectly with XBMC, smplayer or patched xine . The only missing bits of flexibility are Gstreamer and VLC.
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