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Default Re: Adobe Flash 10.1 beta out!

The flash ads are made using vector graphics - this is not movie. That is why they load faster than movie content. Adobe could provide full hardware acceleration for flash on Linux if they would like. But for unknown (money?) reason they prefer to present Linux as underdeveloped, buggy and hanging platform.
Acceleration path for flash:
Vector graphics === flash-player->cairo library->XRender->nvidia driver->Geforce card
(firefox3 already uses cairo for page rendering)
Movies h.264 === flash-player->VDPAU library->nvidia driver->Geforce card

Pretty simple. Adobe always looked as liars and dumb developers to me.
Since first release of VDPAU I and many other people are flooding Adobe's penguin.swf blog, Adobe forums and every other way of Adobe contact for adding VDPAU acceleration to flash player. They got wikipedia links for XRender long time ago, recently VDPAU and some time ago a link to cairo site to learn what these APIs are and do. Then links to API docs was sent to help them use these APIs.
After all of this they lie in official document that there is no API on Linux for h.264 acceleration. Very sad.
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