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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
so totalmedia theatre 3 doesn't cause Aero issues?

What about codecs/decoders, does it install some strange decoders that take over the system and force themself into other players?
No not at all, it runs like a champ with no issues at all for me. No on the codex, you actually have to go in and tell it what to open instead of it taking your system over like PDVD. Ohh I forgot it will integrate itself into WMC's wmp it's pretty cool so it works with WMP in WMC. In other words you can use WMC if you want without seeing totalmedia theatre 3 at all.

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Originally Posted by Arcsoft_Jason
Whee. It's real this time.

Files will be going live between now and Monday evening PDT--probably close to the latter but we'll see how things are progressing by the end of the day...

Trial will be available again with one fairly major limitation you aren't used to. No trial on Dolby codecs so you get no audio on such discs. Bummer, but that's Dolby's choice and we could not convince them otherwise.

Xonar HDAV works. You'll be able to test it for yourself on DTS-HD MA. There's some hassle in switching disc formats not unlike in the ASUS version. Known issue. Regarding updates, we'll be updating the core code on our schedule so you'll see an improvement there. Updates to the custom bitstreaming code could potentially (the details are sketchy here at this time) still wait for full approval from ASUS and not migrate into our version until after ASUS releases them in theirs. Some may consider that a mixed bag--so consider that in your decision.

HD-DVD support should be identical to TMT2.

Win7 works. I've seen no issues at all here in limited testing.

Vista64 is supported.

XP64 remains on our "Sorry, not in the cards" list.

Compatability with TMT2 on the same system should be fixed. This was a last minute change and I haven't had a chance yet to verify it. But you should be able to test TMT3 without uninstalling TMT2, and if you hate TMT3, TMT2 will not be affected.
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