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Default Re: ***Official Assassin's Creed II Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Do all of the missions consist of 5 things again?

I hated that in the first all the missions in each city were practically the same. Pickpocket, eavesdrop, collect flags, save some woman, kill some guy, then new city, same exact ****.
Well the best thing in the new one is... you don't HAVE to do any of those crappy side missions. This one has no eavesdropping sidequests (from what I have seen at least)... mostly assassinate this guy, beat the hell out of this guy cheating on his wife (and this time when you beat them up, you don't have to follow them for a million years until they are alone!), races (haven't tried these yet), courier missions, etc. Pickpocketing is not a side mission now, you can just do it freely for money.
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