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Default Re: ***Official Assassin's Creed II Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I played for about an hour and half and I am just not getting into it. I liked how it started since it picked up right from where the first one finished, but overall it feels exactly the same, oops I ran to close to these guys go find a haystack to hide in. At least at the moment you can get away from them without hiding so you don't necessarily need to hide. It feels weird that you aren't an assassin right from the start. I am guessing you become one eventually. Now you have to loot your victims so you can get money to buy healing. Still though I am not sure about it. I have to give it more time I guess cause I am feeling a bit bored with it or maybe I just want to be here on my PC playing DA:O more .
The AI doesn't detect you as harshly as it did in the original (in the original if you ran for a second it would send them into a frenzy for me lol).

You do not start off as an assassin, but that is the point. Listen closer to the storyline of Desmond and you will know more of why they did it this way.

You do not have to loot victims or pick pockets for money. Actually those are the worst ways of getting money. Finishing quests gives you a good amount and later on there is some extra sim-lite stuff you can do to make a ton of money.
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