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Default Really, really ticked of about this. NVidea breaks Xinerama!

I just wasted yet another day of my life (and there aren't that many left) because another SILLY ASS software manufacturer just can't stop himself from pushing FAULTY upgrades onto its customers.

Yes NVIDEA, I am talking about YOU!

1) You do *not* bypass a distro's package manager:
Nvidea's tools have the notorious habit on e.g. SuSE (but the same also goes for other distros)
to install whatever they want on the box, w/o updating the local repositories afterwards.
The result on SuSE is that YaST has no clue about the NVidea graphic driver components installed
and thus *any* kernel upgrade promptly breaks the graphic's subsystem and you end up on the text
console upon next login - w/o being able to launch X11 other than via kernel option "x11failsafe".
In the year 2009 of the 3rd millennium, this is just plain stupid software design!

2) A new upgrade shouldn't break functionality that used to work just fine before:
I am running SuSE 11.2 on a Thinkpad W700DS, a unit with two LCD Screens.
Because the 2nd screen needs to be rotated by 90 degrees and NVidea's much hailed "Twinview" is just
to STUPID to handle that, I have to rely on Xinerama for that.
Now in the old NVidea driver version 185.x this used to work just fine, outright excellent after
I had wasted about a week hunting down some secret options no where mentioned to be able to run
the 2nd display in other than just VESA mode.
But the new 190.42 driver version breaks Xinerama and now my 2nd screen is just black and stays that way!
Nothing has changed in my Xorg file, but I'm a day older and so freakingly ticked off at this, that I would
throw the whole damn system against the wall if not for its $4000 price tag!

3) You do not force the user to allways download "the most recent version":
Not even Microsoft is that ruthless that their install programs force you to allway go online and download the
latest (crap) version of the application or driver. They give you the option outright to re-install the existing
version. But no, NVidea's install menu goes online by default and promptly downloads stuff that BREAKS the user's X11 configuration.

PS: Yes I know I did a lot of venting here. But the only reason I even got into this mess was because I upgraded my kernel.
All else worked just fine again in under 60 seconds. Sound, WiFi, compilers, ...
But no, NVidea had to upgrade itself during the re-install and now I can spend the rest of the week hunting down the flaw in the system.
I have to work for a living NVidea, and they don't pay me to fix my laptop :-(
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