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Default Re: Why does it take 6 steps to get nvidia + compiz running smooth, fast, not torn ?

Well, almost two years later I'm resurrecting this thread :-)

Actually, everything I had written here still applies.

What about a poll to ask users whether they'd like better default values ?

Indeed, by default, one gets tearing (and incorrect frequencies reported). This is really annoying : you can't get smooth animation out of the box. (I tried an old friend's laptop with an intel chip, last week, and it *was* smooth with no tearing when booting from the Ubuntu CD). But the situation is much worse with Radeon boards (you always get 2D tearing with the proprietary drivers).

Anyway, overall, I really do appreciate the work done by the nv developers : there is no comparison, quality and performance and feature-fullness wise. But little details like the lack of vsync by default may give a bad first impression :-)

What do you think ? How can we make nvidia developers change this ? It's a shame 4 years after the first release of compiz, that in most cases the compiz experience is really average (some effects are still not smooth on my core 2 duo setup + 8600GTS : quartz is smooth on a 1 Ghz G4 Macintosh -- but this is a compiz issue

Cheers !
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