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Default Re: Help!! W7 wont let me format my Vista HDD :(

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
It never locked me out of my vista partition.

So from reading around the internet, it seems it is because the MBR is sitting on the vista partition, and you have to put it on the w7 partition so that the "Sytem" tag is off from Vista Partition.

There seem to be several ways but not all seem 100%...clear on the story...

its a good thing i was able to repair the mbr/restore it last night when i used the w7 installation disc to format the partition of vista and it all crapped out -.-.

I did a stupid and installed W7 on a blank HD without unplugging my Vista HD. It appended the boot information to the Vista HD. I was able to move the hidden boot files and use easybcd to set the correct partition. I was just about to give up and reformat but I gave easybcd a try and it worked...

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