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Default Re: Weird problem vaguely associated with OC'ing

Originally Posted by Abraxus# View Post
I've tried 2.3v with the Kingston, but i'm kind of reluctant to go over that for fear of blowing it up. Maybe i'll try though, undervolting is definitely a problem with the Vcore - set at 1.2375 it actually gives 1.2 in CPUZ and less when under load.

I had the same issue with Corsair Dominator so i'm guessing it's not brand related.
Not at my pc now, but that sounds about like what it shows on mine. The only other thing that comes to mind is my first P5E. Mem slots 1&3 were unusable with 2x2Gb sticks, but it was rock stable with them in 2&4. I RMA'd that board and the second has been fine.

Come to think of it, that board never boot properly if an IDE device was plugged in.

Best of luck with it..that would frustrate the heck out of me too.
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