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Default Re: Really, really ticked of about this. NVidea breaks Xinerama!

Originally Posted by woelfel View Post
Normally I wouldn't even consider replying to such a rude post. But there is one point he's right about: We've been asking for XRandR, that would allow to rotate only one screen, for a long long long time, and Nvidia doesn't seem to care. So why should anyone still bother filing a bug report about that?
Normally I wouldn't even bother posting in such a forum - if not to WARN PEOPLE from wasting their money and time (and mine is obviously a lot more valuable than yours) on a product that is so outrageously faulty.

What the heck do you think people in "real life", folks who do not get paid for testing faulty HW & SW and can not rely on a huge inheritance or wealthy parents to get them through the day, do most of the day?!


For someone who has to get up at 6am in the morning to stay up until 3am to fix what used to work just fine for month, just because he went through a driver update is NOT ACCEPTABLE in my world.

That might be a cause for great celebration amongst the script kiddies of this world, having burned the midnight oil, hunting down every single hidden option for that driver.
Something to brag about in countless online forums.

For people like me its just a cause of frustration, a day full of headaches and a boss who thinks I was out partying all night :-(

NVidia is rude for pushing faulty crap SW like this onto their customers.
People allways complain about Microsoft.
But no update of a graphic's driver on Windows has *ever* broken a working config of mine.

But hey, up until now I also used to be on ATI cards, both for Windoze and Linux.
And as far as I am concerned, that's exactly where I'm headed back to!
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