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Default Re: Office 2010 Beta available on MSDN/Technet

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
let us know how stable it is
I am really liking how stable it is. The conversation option in 2007 has been refined and integrated into the standard date view in Outlook and I LOVE how easy it is.

I haven't really played around with pivot's in Excel or worked in coding with Access yet, but the ribbons are incredibly intuitive and very easy to reconfigure.

I have a feeling a lot of the work I did before in coding/working on formulas and so forth will now be taken up by the integrated wizards and options just because of how easy they are

From what I have read, an online, free version should be available soon to try out so that's a big plus.

And for the nay-sayers comparing this and Office 2007 to Open Office, I highly recommend you get your brains checked. There is a massive difference in functionality between the 2 suites and once the FREE, online version of Office 2010 comes out, this will be made apparent. There is a time and a place for Open Office, but it is NOT in a corporate environment and not on the system of a professional user and definitely not a power-user.
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