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Default Re: Really, really ticked of about this. NVidea breaks Xinerama!

Originally Posted by leigh123@linux View Post
He means the nvidia installer menu , it tries to download a precompiled nvidia.ko from
That *allways* fails. I wonder why that script even tries to >download a precompiled nvidia.ko<, if it allways ends up having to compile it anyway.
And to get an updated CC + the latest Kernel Sources, from a text based console, w/o YaST curses working was also no "walk in the park".

All I wanted was for the installed drivers to be installed again.
A simple "apt-get install --reinstall" or a YaST -> Update -> Keep Version

But no, nvidia is a whole different ball of wax :-(

And what's up with that Twinview vs. Xinerama war anyway?
Xinerama works, so who the heck needs Twinview?
A proprietary standard that shouldn't be introduced into a GPL product like Linux anyway.
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