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Default Update to 190.42 breaks Xinerama AND TwinView!

Now not even my old TwinView xorg.conf works any more.
The log files claim that NVIDIA finds the 2nd monitor, but the screen just stays black, even so in TwinView the first screen is stretched out to the right (one more reason why I never liked TwinView is that it keeps stretching my Desktop across two screens, rather than giving me two separate Desktops - ever tried using a toolbar stretched across two screens with very different resolutions?!)

Now here is the output of that infamous "/usr/bin/"
But this time around I will not be waiting a week to be finally told about some secretly hidden "Option" (what's up with all those secrets in Xorg.conf" anyway?).

I'll give this half a day and then I'll be switching driver manufacturers (and I'll be switching card manufacturers next)

PS: That TwinView config which I tried earlier today, worked fine with the old 185.xx driver.
What it did not deliver was a rotated 2nd screen and an independent 2nd Desktop.
That's why I dumped TwinView. But the 2nd Screen was displaying stuff, not just staying black like now :-(
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