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Default Re: Update to 190.42 breaks Xinerama AND TwinView!

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Oh, and I should mention that the fact that your toolbar stretched all the way across your TwinView desktop is most likely a result of the "NoTwinViewXineramaInfo" option you have enabled in xorg.conf. The fact that you cannot rotate an individual monitor in TwinView is indeed a limitation.

As for the ability to switch desktops on the separate screens independently, that's not a limitation of TwinView itself, but the desktop environment. You should see the same limitation with Xinerama.
I can't switch to the 185.xx driver w/o downgrading my kernel.
I had that one upgraded for new BT functionality (and my BlueTooth works just fine right now), and downgrading it again will mean another night wasted in vain.

Not sure why, but the NVIDIA install script is so messed up, that it won't compile in the new kernel sources no more, because it insist on a file named "kernel.h".

VMware on the other hand is perfectly fine with the good old "version.h and thus compiles on almost anything.

The option "NoTwinViewXineramaInfo" is part of what one of your colleagues told me to specify, last time I spend a week hunting down NVIDIA bugs.
For some reason the NVIDIA driver gets stuck, when trying to do to much probing on the 2nd Display.

Last not least, having two truly independent desktops works just fine with Xinerama. I know because that is what I had been using for the past 6 month.
I get a properly sized and centered toolbar on each screen and I can even setup each screen with its own set of Virtual Desktops.
Its PERFECT and way superior to TwinView.

The rotation on the 2nd Display is *required*, as Lenovo just smacked a standard Laptop LCD on the side of the W700, right side down.
So the 2nd screen is utterly unusable w/o that rotation setting.

Now is there any trick I can use to get the 185 driver to compile with my xx.31.xx kernel?
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