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Default Re: SDL crash in after un-minimize

I tried doing some other stuff with my desktop for an hour or two, did the suspsend/un-suspend X server thing again, and the first time I ran the app it got a blank-window without crashing on un-minimizing, but all subsequent launches of the apps crashed on un-minimize. It doesn't crash while running under valgrind, but it does produce a slew of "invalid read from free'd memory" errors (attaching valgrind logfile).

Oh, and then doing the suspend/un-suspend again fixed the problem, so that there isn't any blank, and valgrind only reports the single "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value" error. And then the next suspend/un-suspend started the problem again. However, subsequent tries suspend/un-suspended left the app with a blank window on startup and crashing after minimizing/un-minimizing. I then did some other stuff on my desktop for a while, and the next time I launched the app it started with a blank window, but minimizing/un-minimizing didn't crash it, but all subsequent attempts did crash.

Argh, and now another suspend/un-suspend cycle fixed the problem, and it took a bunch more cycles before the problem started again! I can't find any rhyme or reason to it.
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