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Default Re: Trying Windows 7 Media Center . .

Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
Well I don't know what to tell you. The combination works fine for me. Mind you, I run MetaBrowser on my win2008 server (where my media is stored, it's installed as a service and monitors my TV Shows and Movies folders). Whenever a TV Show episode or Movie is copied into the folders it automatically downloads all the metadata and images.

How do you have your media stored? For movies they must all be in their own separate folders. The best naming scheme is the movie name followed by the release year in brackets. Any other stuff you want in the name (eg I put 1080p or 720p in the name as well) needs to be in square brackets. For example: "Horton Hears a Who! (2008) [1080p]"

For MetaBrowser to recognize your files you have to make sure the file extensions you use are in the "Valid Extensions" box in the settings otherwise it will skip them. Other than that and adding your folders to look for should work...
I have all of my media stored on my main workstation and have mapped network drives on the HTPC. Metabrowser is running on the HTPC.

I did notice that Metabrowser finally started automatically downloading the metadata, but it's still not showing up right in WMC.

Boxee is still rocking and rolling, so I may stick with it. One thing I forgot about was the simple fact that it can run ISOs in a single click without installing DeamonTools for MediaBrowser.

I still haven't configured my Harmony remote but it's on the list of things to do.

Also, I'm replacing my 720P 32" Westinghouse with a 1080P 40" Sony Bravia tomorrow night
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