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Default Re: Trying Windows 7 Media Center . .

Originally Posted by |JuiceZ| View Post
six_storm let me know how it goes with Boxee. I've been running XBMC Linux for a year and half and just built a dedicated ION N330 box for it earlier this year. It's been very easy for me to manage from my MBP via SSH & terminal. Also run a usenet client on the box that automatically sorts my shows and updates the XBMC library whenever something downloads among other things. Currently switching between the AEON ShowMix & Alaska (night textures) skins. XBMC live also comes with LIRC already configured for MCE remote which can be emulated with Harmony One. The box is connected via HDMI for audio/video to an HK receiver and output to Pioneer KURO. Thinking about upgrading my receiver to either a HK3600 or Denon 2310ci for Dolby volume.
Will do. Boxee is basically a fork of XBMC, so you know how well it will run. I guess what makes it nice is the web apps and the social networking aspect of it. I like to see what my friends watch, listen to, etc.
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