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Default Re: Windows 7 Application Compatibility Thread

Well... maybe my answer sounded a bit rude, I apologize to you for that, nekro. (it's just I don't understand many people's thoughts on 'hey, this software is great. paying? of course not' and they even pretend having the right to complain about it... that just drives me mad, nonsense is not my cup of tea, but that was not a reason for me to charge against you, so I'm sorry about that :S).

The problem with TMPGEnc Xpress 4.0 is it doesn't work if you have it non-legal, at least not in Windows 7, in Vista and previous OS, yes, it does, but the patch causes an APPCRASH event, even if many sites suggested turning 'run as administrator' on, the only result was either a crash or the splash screen showing up and nothing more.

As soon as I bought it, it just worked flawlessly so my conclussion is just the pirated copy doesn't work, simple as that. Even if I have to admit 100$ a copy is a bit expensive...
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